Our Word, our Bond.

MVP (Manifested Visions Promos) is presented by Joshua-Caleb Barton; delivering you the best highlights and mixtapes at Prime-Time quality on a daily basis. Florida has some of the best players in the nation! Just like you work hard to back your rep in-game, we work hard to give you the best mixtapes and highlight reels to impress scouts and recruiters. What is your vision? We have pros on our team who specialize in giving you what you want. From a Nike style Lebron James commercial to a straight forward highlight reel at Feature Film quality. Write down your vision in the form below, our team will reply with two things; 1. A Quote and 2. How we can get the job done!


And ask us about having a custom sound track. –You heard right! If you want your own, unique soundtrack for your video, our sound composer will make it fresh and we’ll name the track in your honor!




    $ 944+

    • 1 Cinematographer
    • Wedding trailer posted online (3-5 minutes)
    • Feature length film edited (+feature)
    • External hard drive with edits
    • Raw footage
    • Up to 6 hours of coverage

    $ 670+

    • Script proofing
    • Project mapping
    • 1 Cameraman
    • 2 hours of filming
    • Green screen booth
    • Promo/Commercial posted online (1-5 minutes. Upgradable)
    • Special effects
    • Motion graphics
  • MVP

    $ 300+

    • 1-2(+) Cameraman
    • Full game coverage
    • Fan/Team interviews (2-5 minutes each)
    • Mixtape/Highlight reel posted online
    • Cutom soundtrack or theme music (+feature)
    • Special effects (+feature)
    • Motion graphics (+feature)
    • Custom MVP t-shirt
    • ESPN-style video enhancements

    $ 917/student

    (group discounts available)

    • 1 On-site trainer
    • 1 three-day class
    • Authorized curriculum included
    • Hands-on learning
    • Graduation certificate
    • Detailed study guide
    • Student Specific training
      • Introductory class
      • Beginners class
      • Comprehensive class
      • Intermediate class
      • Advanced class
      • Master class

    $ (Tailored to project)

    • All footage edited
    • Analog footage converted to digital
    • Color correction
    • Color enhancement
    • Special effects
    • Lighting enhancement
    • Trailer posted online (2-5 minutes)
    • 3 DVDs
      • HD or Bluray
      • Custom design and menus


    • Completely custom logo
    • Original design
    • Logo delivered in multiple sizes
    • Letterheads (+addon)
    • Logo animated as GIF and mp4 (if applicable)
    • Custom business cards (+addon)